Crown Racks Project
List of Bike Rack Requests for Brooklyn Community Board 8

Most of the bike rack requests came from our online petition. We followed up on these requests by contacting the business or condominium association at the address. In total, we identified 53 locations that meet DOTís specifications and 30 businesses and 4 condominium/block associations signed a letter showing their support for a bike rack in front of their building.
Location nameLocation addressPhotoNote about bike rack requestLetter
Chuko, LLC552 Vanderbilt Ave Business has bus stop in front; may fit on Vanderbilt, depending on how much distance is needed btw crosswalk and bus stop pole. Another double rack could also be added around corner on Dean St, SW corner (if possible over grating). In general, this intersection (all four corners) is in need of more bike parking.  
Unnameable Books600 Vanderbilt Ave Owner prefers rack on Vanderbilt, but may not be possible due to bus stop. The distance between the corner x-walk and the bus station pole, however, is approximately 80', and may accommodate a rack. There is also possible location around the corner on St Marks on SW corner.  
Acme Pet628 Vanderbilt AveBest accomplished by converting obsolete parking meters to bike racks. 
Met Foods632 Vanderbilt Ave Has one, but has need and room for a 2nd. This could also be accomplished by converting obsolete parking meter to bike rack. 
Noah's Juice595 Washington Ave  
Natty Garden636 Washington AveTwo possible locations: (1) between 2 driveways on Washington Ave, which are ~14' apart or (2) further south on Washington, in front of 648 Washington (business closed) 
Bitter and Esters homebrew shop700 Washington AveClosest possible location is 2 doors down in front of boarded up storefront at 696 Washington Avenue 
Penny House Cafe732 Washington Ave Best accomplished by converting obsolete parking meter to bike rack. 
Tom's Restaurant782 Washington Ave Has a bus stop in front on Washington. Another rack could be added around the corner on Sterling; west of existing rack, 5' west of their side entrance. 
Shane's Cafe798 Washington Ave Business spans 3 storefronts (794-798). Best accomplished by converting obsolete parking meters to bike racks. 
Key Food801 Washington Ave Best accomplished by converting obsolete parking meter to bike rack. 
Islands Restaurant803 Washington Ave Best accomplished by converting obsolete parking meter to bike rack. 
Thirstbaravin629 Classon AveRequesting two bike racks. One fits 5' north of tree bed on Classon, partially in front of empty storefront. Also room on Pacific St side of business for 1-2. 
Burgos Grocery762 Classon AveThree (nearly) adjacent businesses want bike racks. Multiple racks requested. Best and nearest locations are in front of 762 and 774.  
Glassshop Cofee Shop766 Classon Ave See Burgos Grocery. 
PeteZaaz Restaurant766 Classon Ave See Burgos Grocery. 
Pana Store710 Franklin Ave Hydrant in front. Would fit around corner on Park, 15' west of x-walk in front of 637. 
Owl and Thistle General Store 720 Franklin Ave  
Lily and Fig Bakery and Teashop727 Franklin Ave  Between the tree bed and the planter.  
The Candy Rush733 Franklin Ave When facing the street, location is to the right of the entrance, partially in front of vacant storefront, 5' north of blue door. 
Chavelas736 Franklin Ave Two adjacent businesses are requesting additional bike racks. Multiple bike racks requested. Possible options include: (1) Sterling side has a bus stop, but may fit in the 40' btw the bus stop and the tree bed, specifically between the hatch and the side entrance; (2) On Franklin, between 734 Franklin entrance and the sign post just north of 736A Franklin; and/or (3) on Sterling further west, between 637 and 639 Sterling.  
About Time Boutique736A Franklin Ave See Chavelas. 
The Pine Tree744 Franklin Ave 5' south of tree bed, in front of 748 Franklin. 
Breukelen Coffee House764A Franklin Ave Might fit between hatch and entrance. Also room for multiple racks around corner on St Johns, 3' west of hatch. 
Nams Green Market769 Franklin Ave On Franklin side of store.  
Veggies Natural Juice Bar785 Franklin Ave  Best accomplished by converting parking meter to bike rack. 
795 Franklin Ave Best accomplished by converting parking meter to bike rack. 
Subway: Franklin Ave 2/3/4/5Franklin Ave & Eastern ParkwayPlenty of room. Could fit, for example, west of the NE entrance on Eastern Parkway 
Moa Anbesa111 Kingston Ave 
Basil270 Kingston AveCould fit on Kingston, south of entrance, between sign and parking meter, in front of 272 Kingston. 
Subway: Kingston Ave 2/3/4/5 Kingston Ave & Eastern ParkwayOn the east entrance, north side, along eastern parkway.  
1153 Pacific St Fits 5' east of entrance, in front of armory. 
535 Dean St Fits between the tree beds that are west of the entrance. 
1069 Dean St  
1151 Dean St Multiple bike racks requested on north side of block. Large residential bldgs. One also fits in front of 1155. 
D's Just Desserts740 Bergen St She's installing a patio. Rack would need to go west of business, in front of 738 Bergen. 
Shambhala Yoga367 Saint Marks AveWould fit on Grand Ave side of business.  
224 Prospect PlBetween tree pit and sign post. 
555 Prospect AssociatesResidential properties include 545-565 Prospect Pl and 713 Classon Ave 
Guerros Restauraunt605 Prospect PlCould be two racks one left and one right of the door 
649 Prospect Pl  
717 Prospect Pl  
1051 Prospect Pl  
Montessori Day School of Brooklyn237 Park Pl Rack may fit between the main entrance and the gate to the west of the main entrance. 
Elijah J. Stroud playgroundAcross the street from 477 Park Pl Room for more than 1 rack. 
654 Park Pl Closest locations are: (1) possibly between pole in front of 654 and 650 entrance or (2) 5' west of 666 entrance 
Park Place Improvement Block Association1081 Park Pl On Park Pl, 5' east of sign post. 
Park Place Improvement Block Association1155 Park Pl On Park Pl, 3' west from hatch. 
476 Sterling Pl Closest location is across the street in front of 475 Sterling, 5' east of entrance to parking garage. Room for more than 1 rack. 
1103 Sterling PlThree possible locations: two along Sterling and one along Kingston. 
Franklin Park618 St Johns PlMultiple racks requested by owner. Bikes are often locked to nearby tree bed and one sign. There is room for two or three racks between 624A and 624B St. Johns Place just one door down from the establishment.  
Subway: Brooklyn Museum 2/3Eastern Parkway At the south entrance, in front of the Brooklyn Museum, plenty of need and room for multiple racks. 
528 Carlton Ave Closest available location is across the street. 
Vanessa Roe 199 St. Marks Ave   Homeowner
521 Dean St Owners Coop 521 Dean St    
535 Dean St   N. Wayne Bailey, Condo Board VP and Community Board memeber
Newswalk Condo 700 Pacific St   Related to 535 Dean, they desire bike racks on both streets of their building in locations within view of their securty cameras.
Branded Saloon 603 Vanderbilt Ave   Too many obstacles out front, payphone etc. Could fit on Bergen St. Many cyclists park here.
James 605 Carlton Ave   Best to install on side Street St Marks Ave
Complete Music 227 St Marks Ave    
Park Deli 533 Park Place    
Sapid Indian Restaurant 595 Washington Ave    
The Vanderbilt 570 Vanderbilt Ave